go cyber – Cyber Labs

“Learning new Cyber Security skills is not just for specialist IT Professionals and Developers. Every single employee has their part to play in countering the threat.”

Gareth Jones, CEO, go deploy Ltd

go deploy are uniquely positioned to help solve your security skills gap.

Fully immersive learning in our state-of the-art Cyber Labs.

go deploy’s state-of-the-art Cyber Labs enable teams to learn in a way that no other training does.

Providing something you just can’t get isolated in an online lab – we create an environment to enable genuine teamwork and collaboration skills under pressure, a vital success criteria for any cyber team!

We understand that one of the predominant threats to the way we all do business is Cybercrime. Breaches are exponentially rising year on year leading to an ever-increasing Cyber Security threat.

In response to this growing threat, we have developed the most comprehensive, end-to-end, cyber security skills and cyber talent labs.


  • Understand how to conduct digital investigations relating to malicious activity
  • Learn how to accurately collect and analyse evidence
  • Gather Social Media intelligence on ‘Digital Treasure Hunts’
  • Conduct investigations online and across multiple devices.


  • Rehearse incident response techniques
  • Learn to lead and communicate in a Cyber crisis
  • Simulate press and media liaison exercises
  • Practice effective inter-department communications
  • Rehearse industry specific scenarios.


  • Immerse yourself in a full ‘hands-on’ simulated attack
  • Secure development challenges for application developers
  • Learn to ‘detect, deter and defend’ Cyber attacks with hands-on labs
  • Understand and practice effective security incident triage.


  • Learn how to develop a defensive shield
  • Cyber Defender skills for your industry – from beginner to advanced
  • Hands-on Cyber trade craft tools & techniques to identify vulnerabilities
  • Develop proactive Cyber defence skills.